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Blogs and Press Release

In addition to building you optimized websites and providing you with the opportunity to add a shopping cart to your site so that you can take and process orders, Business Development Institute also offers you a blog or press release as additional products. Upon your approval, we will create and distribute blogs and press releases that will provide your business or brand with the exposure it needs in order to be successful.

Whether you want to connect with your customers on a more personal level through a blog, or if you would rather reach out as a company through professionally written press releases, Business Development Institute will take your information and hand craft it in the preferred format. Marketing and advertising have changed alongside the Internet explosion and our content department is staffed with well-trained individuals who will produce high-quality materials that will help you stay ahead of the competition, all the while staying on the cutting-edge of technology.

We also offer social media marketing, including Twitter and Facebook Business Page setups and assistance.

Recent Blog Posts!

bdinstituteBeat Your Competitor’s Rankings with Comprehensive Content

Let’s face it, everyone needs information, and in today’s online world there is plenty of it available at the touch of a button. If you want to end up on top of your competitors in the search engines, then you’ll need to have effective content marketing techniques. Great content should be at the heart of every online marketing campaign, and it is a great way to build relationships with people who could view you as leaders in your industry and turn to you when they need the services and products you provide. To reach your marketing goals and convert search engine users into paying customers, you’ll need to make sure your content is the strongest it can be.

Who is Your Target Market?

If you want to reach your target market, you’ll need to clearly identify them first. This will help you to gain insight into their purchasing habits, which will in turn help you to develop strategies that will ultimately lead to conversions. By determining what is important to them, you will be able to create content that resonates with them. According to the latest studies, many people prefer to receive content this way rather than through outright advertisements, so this is worth looking into if you are trying to increase sales, build up your customer base, or establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Give Good Visuals

E-mail campaigns, custom websites, online videos, and blogs are all great ways to reach your audience, and by focusing on making an emotional connection with them you can leverage your marketing strategy to generate specific conversion actions. Eye-catching visual media components like interactive images, videos, and even content that the users themselves generate, are all great ways to keep your audience’s attention so you will be able to impart important information about who you are and what your company has to offer then. Aim high when you are coming up with ideas, because the public is always looking for new and ambitious content.

Stay Away from Hard Marketing

It has been proven that consumers dislike interruption marketing because it detracts from their overall user experience rather than bringing something to the table. If you want people to make positive connections between your company’s name and the your industry, then make a great impression on them by staying away from any content marketing efforts that are going to make them have to stop what they are doing or cause them any other unwanted intrusions or inconveniences. So get rid of your pop-up ads and videos that will freeze their computers and focus on creating content that they actually want and can use.

Set Clear Goals if You Want to Reach Them

By understanding your conversion goals, you can develop a more effective strategy to reach them. Rather than trying to sell products right way, focus on building a relationship with your customers. Send them e-mails telling them the latest industry news or offering discounts, get them to join a newsletter that will keep them up-to-date on your products, or offer free articles. Your ultimate conversion goal should be to get your clients to the point where engagement becomes conversion, and that is when you will know you have done the job right.

How do I write and generate catchy blog titles?

With millions of blog posts being published daily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to actually get people to read your content. To start with, you want to make sure that you have great content. From there, you will want it published on an authoritative site to rank in the SERPs and the site should have an active audience that will actually share it. But the most important part, to get someone to actually read it, it having an amazing title to click upon. From this most recent election, we have learned the power of a good title, knowing that most never actually read it.

Make it fascinating

A very basic principle in content marketing is to look back at your best output and repeat its success. A great title should be actionable, intriguing or emphatic, per Jasmine Henry’s article published on Social Media Today. Before you get into the nitty-gritty of coming up with a perfect title, start with a rough or working draft. This will help you guide the creation of a single blog post. It does not have to be perfect; they should just be specific enough to guide you. It does not have to be clickable or searchable, that can always be added once you have decided that your article is perfect.

Learn from others successes and failures

You can see what titles your competition has used with a simple online search, and then you can be better at it. Ask yourself, which angles worked best and the ones that did not seem to. You can usually gauge that from comments, backlinks, and hashtags that have spawned from the content itself. It can be difficult to compete with the big brands, but you can capitalize on and improve the formulae that they have developed. Some of the most interesting ideas start with another’s idea, as every profession in the world will tell you. Why should online be any different?

Deliver for the Reader’s Expectations

So, you have set up a great blog title, what now? You want to have in depth content and delivering on the promises you made in the title. It means telling the story truthfully and as clearly as you can. When it does not follow through with your proposition and research, you lose your base’s trust. Make sure that you analyze the words you use to make sure that you deliver on your promise. One of the ways you can self-check on this is asking yourself if you would search for it, or what you would expect to read if you clicked through.

Use a Keyword in your Blog Title

You will want to optimize it for your audience to find it via search engines. You will get more traffic from your content if you simply optimize it so people can find it when they need it. But try not to go too crazy. Now more than ever, the emphasis should be on writing for the user rather than for the search engine. That said, it’s worth thinking about what your prospective readers are searching for and including a relevant keyword or two, so that you rank in the searches you deserve to be found for. You can use this to your advantage.

Common Myths about Programmatic Delivery

In today’s online world, with an ever-growing number of ways to reach your target audience, content promotion can be difficult. Programmatic delivery offers a single solution that can help you to reach the people who are looking for the products and services you offer across every channel in real time. This technology is still being developed, but it is expected to be available in the very near future. Because it is a new development, there are many misunderstandings about exactly what will and will not be possible with this kind of technology, so let’s go over some of the more common myths.

What is Programmatic Delivery?

Programmatic delivery relies of advertising software that uses algorithms to buy and sell advertising space that will allow you to target the audience you want to reach exactly where and when you need to reach them, and it is set to take the work out of the process of making sure your message reaches the widest possible audience. It is estimated that by the year 2018 spending on this kind of marketing will have grown exponentially, so if you want to expand your business and maximize your efficiency it’s time to learn more about how you can incorporate this into your digital budget.

How Does Programmatic Marketing Work?

You can reach your potential customer base through this type of marketing because it considers demographics like gender, age, socioeconomic status, and geographic location. You will be able to limit your ads to various times of day or to choose a specific frequency with which you would like them to appear. This is an incredible change from the way ad space is traditionally purchased, and it stands to revolutionize this industry by saving time and money and making targeted searches vastly more efficient, plus you will no longer have to risk being locked into a contract that is not delivering the results you were hoping for.

Myths about Programmatic Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, this is not “set it and forget it” technology. There is still work that will be involved in targeting optimizations, but you will get much more bang for your buck. This is also not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. You will still need to determine the factors that will result in a successful measurement regarding optimal viewability. This is also not something you’ll be able to send out in a hurry with little notice, because there is work involved in setting it up, although with use over time this part of the process will continue to be streamlined and improved.

It Sounds Too Good to be True, but it’s the Wave of the Future

If you think this sounds exciting but you assume it will be too pricey for your small- or medium-sized business, think again. There are more affordable platforms being designed right now that will be designed specifically for smaller businesses, which will allow you to use this kind of marketing to take your company to the next level. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and remain a trusted resource in your industry, you should be looking into how you can use programmatic delivery to improve your results and to cut down on the work that is involved in reaching your target audience effectively.